Welcome to Ortega Plumbing and Heating


We are a New Mexico-based plumbing & HVAC company, a trusted local solution for over 10 years . We were formed in July 2003 and incorporated in Sept 2004. Ortega was originally a side business consisting only of a husband and wife team. As our services and reputation began to spread through word-of-mouth of satisfied customers, sales began to increase allowing our small team to focus on our own business, 100%.



Plumbing Construction

No job is too large for Ortega Plumbing. Commercial properties need professional plumbers just like residential properties. We'll get your project started off on the right foot.

Heating Construction

Starting and running a business can be challenging enough. Get a heating and cooling system that will ensure long-term ease and success with Ortega Plumbing and heating.


We'll provide you with anything you might need from plumbing & HVAC specialists. We offer plumbing & HVAC Construction services for every type of project from replacing chilled and heating water coils in an air handler to the Grand Canyon Trans-canyon pipeline.