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Los Lunas Water Heaters 

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Ortega Plumbing & Heating offers expert services for water heaters in Los Lunas and surrounding areas of Central New Mexico. If the water heater isn’t providing the hot water you need, it is important to address the problem quickly. Our skilled and experienced plumbers offer reliable service and effective solutions for any problem with your water heater. 

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Water Heater Installation & Repair 

The water heater is the most used appliance in the home since it must supply hot water to all the other appliances and plumbing fixtures. We only fully grasp its importance when the water heater breaks down and we are left with cold water for bathing and other household tasks. Depending on the specific problems, it may be necessary to repair or replace water heaters in Los Lunas to restore the hot water. 

Most of the time, a water heater can be repaired, as long as it isn’t near or past the end of its life and only needs something replaced. Some of the common problems that can be repaired include a failed heating element, thermostat, valve, gasket, or loose connection. When the problem is more serious and expensive to repair, replacement may be necessary. 

Replace a water heater when it is: 

  • More than 8 to 10 years old 
  • Breaking down frequently 
  • Too small to meet your hot water needs 
  • Leaking from the tank 
  • Rusted and corroded 

If you are having trouble with your water heater, an experienced technician can inspect the unit to locate the problem. Choose a trusted plumbing contractor to provide reliable advice about water heater repair or replacement. When replacement is necessary, you will need to choose the best type of water heater for your home. 

The options for new water heaters include: 

You will need to consider both the type of water heater, such as tank or tankless, and the fuel source that you prefer. When deciding between a gas and electric water heater, it is important to think about the cost and availability of each fuel type to make the best decision for your home. In addition, the size is important because a water heater that is too small won’t supply enough hot water for your family. 

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Quality Services For Water Heaters 

At Ortega Plumbing & Heating, we offer installation, repair, and replacement for water heaters in Los Lunas. We can help you compare top quality products from leading brands and provide a free estimate for your new water heater. If your unit can be repaired, we offer upfront pricing before the work is started. 

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